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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 26, 2024 5:00am-6:00am PST

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enter -- they have to enter the ballpark. they are not in town yet. >> brian: only 30 seconds left. i understand that you've stepped up against has been in the north. do you believe that war with has but it closer now than it was before the attack on october 7t? >> they attacked us on october 8th, the day after the october massacre and we've been exchanging blows ever sense. our goal is to bring back 100,000 people who have left the border with lebanon and with israelis who want to go back to their homes. if this could be achieved diplomatically, fine. if not, it will be achieved militarily. my preference is to achieve it diplomatically but i can't tell you that they will cooperate. in any case, we will get them back to their homes. >> brian: we hope to have you back and talk when the hostages are back. mr. preminger, thank you very much. >> thank you brian. appreciate it.
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>> brian: the final hour of "fox and friends" starts now. >> lawrence: eddie am on the east coast monday february 26th and this is "fox and friends." ice confirmed the murder of a nursing student is an illegal immigrant with a criminal past. >> steve: terrible. plus breaking overnight, rnc chair ronna mcdaniel's announces she's out of here next friday. >> ainsley: and kathie lee gifford will join us on how she is reaching millions with her gospel message. >> steve: the final hour of "fox and friends" starts right now. remember, your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. >> lawrence: fox news alert. overnight, rhonda lee daniel will be stepping down from her position. >> ainsley: in an interview with hunter biden sheds light on his attempt at sobriety. >> steve: peter, where you
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want to start question work >> we will start with rnc and donald trump has decided that somebody other than ronna mcdaniel is best to lead the rnc for the next couple of months ahead of what looks like a rematch between him and joe biden. it is very unusual for a major party to switch chairs like this during an election year but ronna mcdaniel is saying in a statement the rnc has historically undergone changed once we have no money and it is always been my attention to honor that tradition. i remain committed to winning back the white house and electing republicans up and on the ballot in november. november's result could hinge on hunter biden sobriety according to hunter biden himself in an interview he's talking about his long struggle to stay clean seeming to acknowledge that a relapse could undermine his credibility on capitol hill ahead of deposition this week and to distract his dad, the president. hunter has said it most
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importantly you have to believe that you are worth the work or you will never be able to get sober but i do often think of the profound consequences of failure here. he added that in this case i have something much bigger than even myself at stake. we are in the middle of the fight for the future of democracy and that is going through michigan tomorrow. rashida tlaib the democratic congress woman is so upset about biden's refusal to push israel to a cease-fire in gaza she wants democrats voting uncommitted instead of four joe biden and gretchen whitmer the democratic governor, a big ally says she doesn't know how this effort, this interparty campaign against the president is going to affect the results for him tomorrow. back to you. >> steve: regarding the axios story that you quoted about hunter biden, it says essentially that he worries a slip by him, hunter biden, could impact his father's reelection.
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he also says he has been sober since june or july of 2019. we know, does he undergo regular drug testing and things like that? >> if he does, the results of that are not made public but he has had to swear in court as part of his -- basically as part of these proceedings he's under. multiple proceedings that he has been sober for that long and a lot of the conditions of his result or of his release including delaware says that he cannot consume drugs or alcohol. >> steve: and is he doing this interview with axios now because he will be in the hot seat on wednesday? >> it seems like it. >> steve: peter, thank you. >> ainsley: ice confirming that the suspect accused of killing nursing student lincoln riley entered the country illegally from venezuela. >> steve: officials revealing that this man has a rap sheet and was just released from new york city a couple months ago.
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>> brian: medicine joins us from athens, georgia. madison. >> today is the first day that ug students will be back on campus after a devastating last few days. jose antonio rivera remains in jail for riley's murder without bond. you're getting a better look at the root from his apartment to the crime scene. take a look at this video. it's a five-minute walk between the two locations and police a lincoln riley died from blunt force trauma on friday. we could get autopsy results as early as today. her former freshman year roommate said that she would run those trails all the time and it is a really popular exercise spot for students. they shared these photos with us and said that the tragedy really shocked the university. >> campus, something like this would've happened, i don't think anybody expected it. there are so many students so you never thought you would be in danger.
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>> ice confirms he entered illegally through el paso in 2022. they say new york law enforcement rested him just a few months ago from acting in a manner to injure a child. i says nypd released him before they could issue a deta detainer. >> whenever i found out, my heart just sank. i thought it was a mistake. she made sure everybody felt loved all the time and appreciated. if anybody ever had a bad day, she was the sweetest soul and the sweetest person you could have ever met. >> donations are pouring in nationwide for lake and riley to go toward things like a scholarp in her name and a funeral. the funeral is set for friday at her home town of woodstock, georgia, but today there is a visual on campus set for 3:00 p.m. back to you. >> madison, thank you very much good a live report. >> brian: it will be hard to blame republicans for that.
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the president is taking liberty ever since the deal, bipartisan deal by senator lankford on the republican side came out about immigration. you would a chance to fix it. you can blame ourselves. wait a second, that is him. and that is the special deal you cut in 2022 with cuba and venezuela and haiti. they are here and they refuse to accept their people back when they come here and they don't qualify for immunity. because of that, they get to stay. >> ainsley: we can't abort anyone to venezuela because we aren't taking the back, don't send the planes here. the ug student we just heard, venezuelan guy allegedly, the security and moped robberies and the assault on the police officers and times square, venezuelan individuals. the 15-year-old in times square who was shooting at police and shot the tourist in the leg, venezuelan. and for illegals from venezuela arrested last week for allegedly robbing and beating a man on a train in chicago. >> brian: they are so grateful to be or, aren't they.
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>> lawrence: i wonder if the president of the united states is going to call this family because i think they deserve a phone call to explain exactly what the president thought was going to happen. >> brian: not a chance. >> ainsley: it was preventable. >> lawrence: totally preventable and he did it on day one. over the talking points of the white house right now is all of a sudden he has to do it after months and years of saying i'm not going to do it. he used executive orders to break the border. he used executive orders to break remain in mexico to to remove a just a process, to not give dhs the authority to send them back. to stop the wall. now all of a sudden he said he's going to pass something else through executive order. >> steve: we will find out what that is but ultimately, we've been talking about this over the last couple of weeks. it sounds like some of the migrants who were already here getting a foothold into how to scam people. there is some influencers who are migrants saying look, i stood on this corner and i made
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$275.03 hours and this is how you do it. the same influencer is saying let's try to spring that 15-year-olds who shot the tourists in our block right over there. but ultimately what they are doing is they are trying to entice people from other countries to come in and be part of their gang. "the new york post" today on the op-ed page said the problem with this particular case is there's no vetting, no rules, there is no limits to the people coming in. they say when so many laws are ignored by the administration, how can anyone be surprised when it leads to even more lawlessness? the argument is not that all migrants are bad because of one murder, it's that one murder illustrates how corrupt and broken the system has become. and they are absolutely right. >> lawrence: one is enough. it should not happen and i know that their people to make the argument of what about the american citizens that are killing american citizens. such a nonsense argument. these folks should've never been in the country so every american
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citizen that dies at the hand of an illegal immigrant is because of the democrat sanctuary city. mayors as well as governors and the president of the united states. >> ainsley: you can't escape it, lawrence. it's scary. when we were growing up you knew to stay out of the dangerous neighborhoods because something like this could happen but now it's happening at uva honored running trail where everyone uses it. >> brian: midtown manhattan. >> ainsley: it's happening on upper east side. all these guys on mopeds running up and grabbing pocketbooks of women. >> lawrence: and you would activist the other day upset that we put the 15-year-old's face around. he's a minor, he's a minor. he is shooting cops in the middle of the street and you are concerned about the miner who is a threat to society's face being out >> steve: and these are the cases we know about. just imagine how many cases -- bad things happen and the cops they are not going to holland and nothing that'll happen. >> brian: it's also instructive that the attorney general in arizona who
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sent back that criminal for beating up a cop in new york. i need to let them out because we know what alvin bragg does. but finally everything is coming to the surface. it's over opinion we have these ugly facts and it's all fixable. we can fix it. let's do it. all right. >> steve: 8 810 in new york city. >> ainsley: stories that are coming to the surface. new york city police are releasing a new photo of one of the suspects connected to a massive brawl in times square last week. near migrant shelter where a teenager was stabbed. nypd says at least eight more suspects are on the loose. seven migrants suspected to have been involved in the attacked have been invited. jerry seinfeld getting heckled last night by anti-israel protesters outside of the annual state of the world address in new york city.
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seinfeld giving the crowd a smile and a wave before leaving an suv. two protesters wound up getting arrested. the family of the virginia couple who went missing after their yacht was ransacked in the caribbean is thanking those who helped in their search efforts. authority says three escaped criminals hijacked the couple's boat. police found it ransacked and evidence that a violent act took place on board. this is taking place off the shores of granada. the suspects were located near another caribbean island on wednesday but there is still no sign of that couple. a high school basketball coach is speaking out after the state of vermont banned his girls teams from athletic competition for forfeiting a game against a biological male player who stands more than 6 feet tall. >> we decided instead of going against our religious beliefs,
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there are differences between male and female and we are treated differently. we decided to forfeit the game. boys play at a different speed, a different force than the girls play at. it is asking for an injury. >> vermont principals association responding to the band saying that the school can teach beliefs but cannot impose those beliefs on students for other public and private schools. and happening today the fbi informant facing charges for lying about the biden family to the agency will appear in court today appeared special counsel david weiss looking to detain alexander smirnov after the judge said smirnov could be trying to flee the country. and hunter biden is set to be deposed before the hout oversight committee on capitol hill one week after his uncle james biden testified in front of the committee. a lot going on there. and check out this video here. that is the latest wedding trend. an 8-foot tall l.e.d. robot. they are headed to the downs
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floor across the country. >> i'm so happy i spent money on a robot. it's a man in a 10-foot tall robot suit. >> some say the robots to help get the crowd going at your reception and the robots are gaining popularity, particularly in new york, new jersey, and connecticut. this is a tri-state area trend that is soon to hit the entire country. >> lawrence: is everyone else low energy at the party? >> steve: i asked you earlier how much do they cost aired i just googled on party or something like that. if you don't want the co2 blast, it is 1400 bucks. >> you have to get the co2 blast. >> steve: 1600 bucks. >> 1600 bucks. i think i could spend money in a better way. >> brian: there was a time when robots fought crime. those were the days.
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iron man front crime, gigantic or fought crime. now they are just dancing. we have crime. >> ainsley: it is so strange to me and a little scary. >> lawrence: maybe i'm a little old school. where's the hype man? >> i like that brian lives in the marvel universe. >> ainsley: there is a man in there, right? >> lawrence: you don't think someone could do it? >> ainsley: it might be a woman. >> how sexist of you. >> brian: i'm offended. >> steve: people ultimately just one at the end of the wending for people to instagram a bunch of stuff from your wedding and look, you hire the co2 robot you will get instagram runs out the was it. >> brian: instead of focusing on the bride and groom. the bride waits her whole life and everyone talks about the robot. >> steve: at the official
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wrote photograph, the robot is betbetweenthe husband and wife. >> lawrence: because that's not creepy. >> brian: while they hired them. if you've been a robot before, tell us your response. >> ainsley: and don't forget to dvr our show. it starts at 6:00 in the morning. 6-nine. take guide on your remote control and go to fox and friends and go and hit the button again and your dvr options should come up. >> steve: do you know what it dvr is? it's a robot. let the robot record "fox and friends." >> brian: let the robot hit play record if you have a vcr. nobody is in charge. as of the longest-serving police commissioner of nypd history says about the city's crime crisis. that man ray kelly joins us n next. lord, you know what's on our hearts. you know where we struggle. you know where we need to be pushed. help us give it all to you. the good, the bad.
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the basement. so i can finally throw that party... and invite shannon barnes. dream do come true. xfinity gives you reliable wifi with wall-to-wall coverage on all your devices, even when everyone is online. maybe we'll even get married one day. i wonder what i will be doing? probably still living here with mom and dad. fast reliable speeds right where you need them. that's wall-to-wall wifi on the xfinity 10g network. speech of biden supporter crisis. rachel's live in phoenix where she visited a suspected agl run migrant housing facility. >> ainsley: and they were not welcome there, right rachel question work what happened. >> not at all. we went to a place that had nobody in it. they had already gotten wind that people were coming and they got them out. we drove around and it's easy to find. it is a place like this. we are right in front of the
5:22 am
place. they take down the hotel signs and it looks pretty shady. we decided to go in and see what was going on. the reaction was instant panic. take a look. what you are seeing is basically an unmarked building. all signage is removed. that is the first sign you know that this is an ngo, nongovernment organization in this case because of a lead as was housing illegal immigrants. let's go inside. >> trying to rent a room. why? >> can events get off the property, please. >> is this not a hotel question work >> can you please exit the property. this is private property. >> whose private property question work no name outside. is this where illegals are being housed with government funding? >> can you please get off of our property. i'm going to call the police. >> please call them. hi. what is that's. >> you need to leave. >> i need to know what it is.
5:23 am
this is an ngo paid for by government money. >> we are not going to answer any of your questions. >> can you explain what you do here. >> no. >> why so much secrecy? that's what the american people want to understand what is happening here. >> can you leave. we will be answering any questions. >> you guys cannot come into our shelter. >> we came back this morning. our camera guy was accosted and they threw rocks at our car, roxette congressman bigs car who is here with us as well. a brick was almost thrown at the head of our camera guy. this is not a normal charity, community service here. they obviously don't want you to know what's going on, they don't want you to know the parameters or the details.
5:24 am
i've never seen anything like this. it felt super third world. steve, back to you. >> steve: great reporting rachel. more from phoenix and rachel tomorrow. meanwhile new york city rocked by a disturbing rise in crime and violence. we've been telling you that as a surge of illegal migrants overwhelms an already short-staffed police force and our next guest says it goes down to city leaders and the lack of backbone and backing. rick kelly was the longest police commissioner and newark police history. joins us now. commissioner, good morning to you. >> good to be with you. >> steve: i was reading that you are talking to a guy from london not long ago and you said guy from london, what do you think of new york city and what did he tell you? >> he said it looks like there's nobody in charge and i said you are right. you hit it right on target. that is the feeling that you have. the thing that really shocked him initially was the scooters.
5:25 am
the motor scooters who are on the streets. no license is needed, no license plate. you take your life into your hands when you cross a street. crime is way too high, transit crime is up 22% this year. people are not riding the subway to the extent that they did prior to the pandemic. if you take 150,000 migrants and you ask them on problems at the city has, it's a tremendous strain on the government. and we all feel the pressure of what is happening here. people are very anxious in new york city. they are looking over their shoulder all the time. >> steve: no kidding. ray, pick that up after the segment. when mayor adams was running for mayor, he wasn't mayor yet, people thought okay, here's a
5:26 am
guy who used to be a police officer. he gets what we do and yet, here we are a couple of years into his administration and it seems like the cops are handcuffed by policy where they can't do their job. >> mayor adams was a member of the transit police force and he said this openly. he came onto the transit police force to criticize the new york city police force and that's what he did. he headed a black organization that basically criticized the nypd at every turn. again, i don't know what assignments he had in the police but i'm not certain it was crime fighting. it is a problem. there are certain policies, certain practices that he will not put in place. civilian clothes, anti-crime units that are very effective in
5:27 am
fighting street crime. he won't do that. it's a constitutionally-based practice and they do very little of it. they do very little of it. the cops are on the attack. there's no question about it. last year there were over 5,000 injuries of new york city police officers and that's over twice what it was the previous year. the department has great trouble in recruiting people. it's not a particularly appealing job when you look at how they are treated, how they are demonized. there's a lot of problems here and i think there is a lack of leadership. >> steve: and the streets just aren't safe. i don't know anybody who is coming to new york this summer on their vacation where they would rather go someplace else where they don't see these headlines. ray, thank you very much for joining us.
5:28 am
>> good to be with you steve. >> steve: meanwhile, fox news alert. i'm sure you saw the story. the man who set himself on fire outside of the year was really embassy and washington yesterday. the sad news this morning, apparently he has died. fox news was able to confirm that the man was an active duty member of the u.s. air force. the d.c. metro police have released a statement saying "the police department is working with the u.s. secret service and atf to investigate the incident. the man has been identified as 25-year-old aaron bushell of san antonio, texas." meanwhile another fox news alert. the prime minister of the palestinian authority has resigned and trading sly from tel aviv on that coming up next. slipping out of balance into freefall. (the stock market is now down 23%).
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>> ainsley: good morning everyone. we are ending the month of february with a big winter storm pure let's take a look at it. i know you in dallas 95 today and it will drop like a rock. we have a lot of cold air in place for the arctic cold front moving through that area of low pressure across the rockies and moving toward the northern plains, upper midwest, great lakes appeared we could see the threat of severe storms tomorrow for the areas shaded in red. that could mean tornadoes. keep that in mind because it will slam into very warm air and the snow forecast, not a lot of snow but blowing snow will make travel very difficult with blizzard conditions. there are your potential record high today's. dallas, 95. and as we get into wednesday, things will get back at his seasonal averages. we will keep you updated. fox weather above for the latest details. i'm throwing back to the gang. no, hi brian kilmeade. >> brian: good to see you jess. i will see you in the hole.
5:35 am
meanwhile, i have the story. "snl" last night or two nights ago. comedian shane gillis return. what's significant about that? five years ago he was fired from the show after some of his jokes resurfaced. >> i was fired from their show. a while ago. but don't look that up, please. i probably shouldn't be a pure, honestly. i should be at home. i should be a high school football coach. that's what i should be. >> brian: and then had fun with his family in the audience. isn't this a mark. a turning point against cancel culture? we call joe concha. your reaction to shane gillis being booked as well as his monologue in some of this gets? >> higher back shane gillis now. because he just breathe life back into "saturday night live" that we have not seen in a very long time because we are talking about the opening monologue
5:36 am
which was unapologetic and it was authentic and it wasn't politically correct. shane gillis is a type of guy you would want to play beer pong with or go bowling with. i'm seeing headlines today from cnn and npr in washington posting daily beast sing his monologue was offensive and he bombed. he bombed amongst the insufferable woke media elites living in safe spaces but everyone is talking about this today because it brought us back to a time of george carlin or chapelle, chris rock. jerry seinfeld for that matter. people that tell jokes for comedy and don't care about the consequences. speedo people say the hesitation in his reaction to the audience. that's his style. go watch a stand up. he talks about down syndrome people and his family and the coffee shop, that stuff is proven material that made him the hottest in the country. >> that's exactly right. you want somebody that may share he's nervous. i shouldn't be up here, don't google me because i will be fired. there is something real about that. i don't want a polished meeting, i don't want to priest.
5:37 am
i want someone who is funny and he is funny. >> brian: you are like me. i'm hoping that the worst of cancel culture is over and this might be an indication we turned a corner. let's talk about governor gavin newsom. he is not running for president, he is cheering on the guy that is present. here's what he said about the president. >> do you think it's responsible for democrats putting them at the top of the ticket given the concerns question work >> i review his record. what he has done in three years has been a master class in the economy is booming, inflation is cooling, .6% more than it was in the summer of 2020. wait a second, we have american manufacturing coming back home all because of biden's wisdom, because of his temperance, his capacity to lead in a bipartisan manner. >> brian: that wasn't in the robert her report question rick >> doesn't gavin newsom remind you of a guy who's on cinemax at 3:00 in the morning quest to mark he's just not very good at this. and obviously he's a dishing to
5:38 am
be president in 2028 or 2024 if joe biden were to step aside. he talked about master classes. inc. about the master class that happened in the joe biden presidency. inflation is twice as high as it was when donald trump blessed office. gas prices are 30% higher than it was when donald trump blessed office. we have a border i was wide open that are on the fbi terror off watch list and city efforts are being exhausted. billions are being sent with no end game insight and everything else as far as crimes that you guys talk but on a daily basis, driving people out of places like san francisco and california, chicago, new york, tennessee, texas, florida. if this is the joe biden record and that is a master class, gavin newsom is a master idiot. >> brian: he says it's wisdom. also we can't forget about afghanistan and his approval rating at 39%. always great to see you. meanwhile coming up straight had
5:39 am
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>> brian: fox news alert time. benjamin netanyahu joined earlier with an update on the war as the top palestinian authority official steps down.
5:44 am
train is an israel. try? >> a significant development out of the west bank today were palestinian prime minister mohammed shtayyeh submitted his assignment. the move was considered as paving a path forward for a technocratic government in ramallah, one that will not be affiliated with a single party. there is a link here what is happening in gaza to a postwar control of the strip. benjamin netanyahu responding to the news lt his musical chairs e they haven't had an election in palestinian authority in 17 years. they are shuffling chairs. but the real thing we want to see is genuine deradicalization. they have to stop teaching their children to become terrorists. they have to stop paying terrorists based on the amount of that they kill.
5:45 am
>> this comes as as these really military so that they killed 30 militants in an area that was previously cured by the idf. israeli forces are still operating in the south and waiting to see if they will be told to enter gaza's southernmost city of rafa. there are more than a million palestinians sheltering in this area and plans were submitted over the weekend to move these civilians if an operation does take place. that was a brilliant interview this morning discussing the specifics and netanyahu revealing that plans were revealed just yesterday about how to move civilians out of the way and move israeli forces in. he also interestingly discussed the situation in lebanon following israeli strikes today 40 miles to the northeast of beirut and new threats this hour from the lebanese militant group hezbollah about retaliation. brian. >> brian: the definition of volatile. thank you so much. appreciate it. meanwhile, was good onto
5:46 am
lawrence. >> lawrence: take a look at this wild video from over the weekend. hundreds of migrants released by border authority at a san diego bus stop. southern california continues to grapple with a massive migrant surge. kate munroe is running to represent the 49th congressional district and she joins us now. put it in perspective. how bad has it gotten down th there? >> it is absolutely ridiculous. 500-1000 people illegally walking across our border every single day. texas showed their position and people apply the path of least resistance and here they find themselves in san diego. i've driven out by the border, hundreds of them waiting for us to take them to the airport. i was at the transit center yesterday. tons of chinese migrants telling me they were flying to new york. it's bad and it san diego. >> lawrence: we have some footage of you patching up a hole with razor wire. you bought it yourself.
5:47 am
why? >> as ceo, i help veterans every single day and have been on the news talking about veterans being deprioritized behind migrants. they are taking their spots in the hospitals and the homeless funds. i said enough is enough. i won't sit idly by and say especially as a candidate that i stand for closing the border. i decided to go stand at the border and actually close it. i wanted to do something and show the nation that you can go and do something. you don't need to sit around and wait for the people that will never come. >> lawrence: talk about leading from the front. every single state that we go to we have found with voters at the border and immigration is the number one issue. how do you think it will impact not only your race with the presidential race? >> i think it will be the number one topic on the minds of every single voter across the nation. people used to just think of places like san diego and texas and florida as border states, border cities but that's not the case because they are getting on
5:48 am
planes, they are being bused all over the country. it's a real present danger and people are taking it a lot more serious. i know here in san diego with the migrants on our news all day every day, it is the top issue and across the country, you will see whoever people remember being safe under which would be president trump. i think he will do real good on this border issue. >> lawrence: it was his signature issue when he ran for office in 2016. and then 2020 came along and joe biden undid every single thing that he put into place and no surprise our border is out of control. ma'am, thank you so much for joining the program. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> lawrence: you have some headlines for us. >> i do. this just in. spokeswoman for deceased russian opposition leader lexi and of all he says his allies are looking for venue for his supporters to say their final goodbyes. one revealing he was close to being freed and a prisoner swap before he was found dead in a russian prison earlier this
5:49 am
month. the judge and former president trump's georgia election interference case is meeting privately with a lawyer for a for special prosecutor nathan wade. this comes after new evidence shows that she exchanged 2,000 phone calls and 2,000 text messages with him before they testified their relationship began. trumps team said willis should have to testify again. those are your headlines. lawrence, back to you. >> lawrence: looks like love to me. thank you carly. >> we love text messages. >> lawrence: still ahead, kathie lee gifford says how she is fulfilling her life's birth it is through the power of faith. but let's check it with bella for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> happy monday to you. awful story out of georgia and we are that today. but we are learning about this young woman and her alleged killer coming up. big win for donald trump. the nomination process and kevin mccarthy will tell us what is next. real men compete in florida. that's what they said.
5:50 am
we will see you at the top of the hour coming up.
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5:54 am
>> brian: she's reached millions across the world. kathie lee gifford is fulfilling
5:55 am
her true purpose. >> ainsley: joining us now with her message of faith is kathie lee gifford. good morning to you. >> good morning. i didn't know that's what i was here for today. >> brian: why do you think you're here? >> oh, because there are rumors circling around but i'll talk about the lord any time. i've known since i with as a young child what my purpose is. that's just share the love of god that he has already given me. that's what people need in this world more than they need more money, more than they need more anything. if we just have more faith that god loves us everything else will be supplied. everything else. he will give it to us. >> steve: i'm sure your ears were burning the other day on entertainment tonight. hoda was talking about an upcoming show. your name came up. listen to this. >> being on the golden
5:56 am
bachelorette is a recipe for a home run. >> can you imagine her making out in that hot tub? >> one second in a bikini. >> steve: the suggestion is that you would be perfect on the golden bachelorette. we've seen the golden bachelor. moving on to the golden bachelorette. >> betty white is gone now. she would have been the perfect one. i guess it's just me. >> ainsley: did you watch the golden bachelor? >> do you know me or not? of course not. i have never watched any of those. i've tried to avoid reality television my whole life. asked to do it. my family has. i know too much. it is not reality television. i've always tried to be an authentic person. like me or hate me i'm real and why i'm still around. and yeah, there are some talks
5:57 am
going on between my agent and the network. that's all they are. only talk. only talk. we don't know what's going to happen. >> brian: why would you talk if you aren't interested? >> i'm not doing the talking. why are you always -- why didn't you take a few more days off? >> brian: defend my honor rick please. >> lawrence: kathy lee, >> listen. >> lawrence: you are authentic and everybody knows you are so real. will we finally get real reality tv with you being on >> i'm 70 1/2 year old. i had the body for it back then for karin having a cruise lines. nobody wants to see this now. you guys, unless you have been
5:58 am
under a lock in pat gonna you know a lot about me. i have no idea who you guys are and no matter how beautiful you think you are, you guys, i have no idea where your lips have been, none. >> brian: you are talking to men in general. >> no the 20, 30, 50 i have to talk to. i don't know where your lips have been. no, i don't. no, no, no. >> brian: you like dating, right? >> i like dating? is that again from brian? [laughter] >> steve: kathy lee, you would be perfect for the show. you are in wonderful shape. i see you on tv talking about the new balance of nature. >> yes. yes, it is or i wouldn't be talking about it. i think if i could make this my own and i could make it funny,
5:59 am
but no, it has to be fun and funny, otherwise, you know, it's not something -- i will talk to them, okay? that's it. back off. >> brian: so hostile. >> ainsley: i watched the golden bachelor. they were nice to each other. the bachelorette are so young. those were so nice. i love your dress or those earrings. he will think you are so beautiful tonight. >> lawrence: just quickly, is there an age limit? can it be a young man or does it have to be an old man? >> are you interested, lawrence? >> lawrence: i may be. the young girls haven't been cutting it. is there an age limit? >> do you like old widows? you know, no, but if mike rowe wants to go on, what will i say, no to him? i don't think so.
6:00 am
>> ainsley: i watched your son's documentary. it is fantastic. he sent it to me. >> thank you, sweetie. you should get it. if you are a parent and worried about head trauma with your kids playing supports. i'm proud of him. cast has a new series calls the baxters with rona downey. >> brian: i'm more worried about our relationship than everything else. it is fractured. >> we need therapy for you and i. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us. >> bless you. god bless you all, thank you, bye-bye. >> bill: thanks, good morning. president biden's open border policies


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